At Taverns Tea, we seek to be your professional tea concierge, taking care of all your tea needs. Working closely with businesses to create exclusive blends that represent brands, Taverns Tea concocts new tea beverages suitable for your F&B concepts. 

Our core principles in every project are Sustainability and Feasibility. Taverns Tea is dedicated to offering a personalized tea experience. Crafting tea menus that are sustainable and aligned with your concept is the core of Taverns Tea.

What We Do 

Taverns Tea strengthens clients' businesses and brands by providing customized tea products such as exclusive tea blends and innovative brews. We support clients by conducting consultations and R&D on their behalf.

What differentiates us? Our competitive prices, flexibility, range of tea selection. and most importantly, our accountability towards our clients.

Tea Leaves

We pride ourselves in sourcing the ideal tea for our partners, bringing you authentic tea from all over the world. At the same time, we set to create
wonders with the tea we have discovered during our travels, to bring out
the tea we have discovered during our travels, to bring out the potential
in every tea, in every blend.


Cold Brew

Our cold brewed teas have been featured on different platforms as we collaborate with manufacturing companies to restaurants and as well as events.

We are constantly searching for new flavours and methods to tea brewing.
We have been experimenting and fine-tuning the techniques involved in
cold brewing tea from simply using cold water to using ice drips.




Exclusive Tea Blending

It is our philosophy that everyone has their own cup of tea;
their individualities.

We are here to help you find the right blend, defining your brand and discovering the taste that you have been searching for.

Tea Wares

A cup of tea is never just a cup of tea.
Drinking tea is an affair of arousing your senses.
Using suitable tea ware is an essential part of the experience.

We are able to source for the perfect tea wares to enhance the tea
experience of our partners' concepts.

R&D Consulting & Services

We work closely with a wide range of  partners to create unique and
innovative tea products, such as exclusive tea blends, cold brews and carbonated tea drinks. We are always researching and experimenting
on new ways of infusing tea.

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