Hibiscus Twist

Hibiscus Twist

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A blend of hibiscus petals, cloves and rosehip shells, creating a beautiful deep crimson brew. The light and refreshing tanginess of this hibiscus fusion is delightful on its own, but it is also a great base for any fruit tea.

Tasting notes: Tart and fruity with citrus notes and a clean finish.

Brewing Methods

Hot Brew                                                                       Cold Brew
Loose Leaves/Teabag: 2G                                               Loose Leaves/Teabag: 2G
Water: 200ml                                                                 Water: 300ml
Brewing Temperature: 70-80°C                                      Brewing Temperature:15-20°C
Brewing Time: 2-3mins                                                  Brewing Time: 2 hours in fridge