Roasted Aged Oolong

Roasted Aged Oolong

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One of the most well-known teas, Oolong is a partially fermented Chinese tea renowned for its rich flavours. Light and woody, it makes a perfect drink to relax with on a cozy afternoon.

Tasting notes: Light-bodied, earthy flavours with a smooth mouthfeel

Brewing Methods

Hot Brew                                                                       Cold Brew
Loose Leaves/Teabag: 2G                                               Loose Leaves/Teabag: 2G
Water: 250ml                                                                 Water: 400ml
Brewing Temperature: 90-95°C                                      Brewing Temperature:15-20°C
Brewing Time: 2-3mins                                                  Brewing Time: 8 hours in fridge