We have always enjoyed working closely together with our partners, which is why through collaborations with one of our key partners, we have launched our coffee line. 
With sustainability being a key factor in our choice of coffee, we chose to work together with a family run coffee plantation in Malaysia. Knowing that SupplyHaus participates in environmental and ethical farming and sourcing, we are pleased to bring on coffee products on board Taverns Tea.
Pure coffee enjoys a rich and strong fragrant aroma and taste and in the hands of experienced roasters, you will experience the hidden natural aroma and unique flavours of our coffee beans. 
Thanks to Jessica Lewis for sharing their work on Unsplash

Columbia Beans

One of the most well known coffee beans, Columbian beans are often used for espresso based drinks. With its mild and well balance flavours, you can even relate its aroma towards fruits and spices. 
Try our single origin Columbian Beans now! 



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