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For Businesses: Elevate Your Brand

Taverns Tea empowers businesses and brands by crafting personalised tea products, including exclusive blends and inventive brews. Through in-depth consultations and dedicated research and development efforts, we ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Guided by Innovation, Quality, and Sustainability, we embark on every project with unwavering commitment.

Or perhaps you envision a bespoke gift set for your cherished clients? With a low minimum order requirement of just 20 sets, we're poised to craft your very own personalized gift set, tailored to perfection.

What sets us apart? Our competitive pricing, remarkable flexibility, an expansive array of tea selections, and above all, our unyielding accountability to our clients.

For Retail: Enhancing Experiences

At Taverns Tea, we're dedicated to sourcing the perfect teas for our partners, bringing you authentic blends from every corner of the globe. But our mission goes further. We transform these discoveries into true wonders, unlocking the potential of each tea in every blend.

Central to Taverns Tea is the art of crafting menus that not only satisfy discerning palates, but also align seamlessly with your concept, be it in the realms of F&B or retail.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do, ensuring that every sip tells a story, and every partnership is built on quality, innovation, and a commitment to the environment.


For Offices: Perfect Tea Breaks

Understanding your preferences, we're here to create a bespoke menu that guarantees complete satisfaction during every tea break for you and your colleagues.

In addition to our diverse tea offerings, our pantry features an array of delights such as bottled cold brews. Complementing this, we provide fully automated coffee machines, ensuring a seamless experience. What's more, enjoy worry-free maintenance with our complimentary monthly service. No hassle, just pure enjoyment.


For Individuals: Embracing Tastes

We believe that everyone has their own unique 'cup of tea', reflective of their individual preferences and personality.


At Taverns Tea, we're dedicated to assisting you in finding that perfect blend, one that not only defines your event but also uncovers the distinct flavour profile you've been seeking.



For Manufacturers and Traders: Bidding Services

For traders and tea buyers seeking to directly purchase wholesale black teas from auctions, we offer comprehensive assistance at every stage of the process.

Our dedicated team is here to ensure a seamless experience, facilitating smooth transactions for both manufacturers and traders.

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