Our Story

Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Every Sip

We established Taverns Tea with a passion for crafting unique, delightful, and heartwarming tea creations for enthusiasts across the globe. By infusing time-tested classics with inventive twists, we've curated an extensive range of blends, from the tangy Hibiscus Twist to the soothing Lychee Ginger.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that each person has their own 'cup of tea', reflecting their unique tastes and preferences. We're here to embark on that flavourful journey with you.

Comprising a team of dedicated and imaginative individuals, we're continually exploring new avenues to introduce enticing and captivating tea flavors. Join us in discovering your next favourite blend.

Championing Sustainability: Our Pledge at Taverns Tea

Since our inception, sustainability has stood at the forefront of Taverns Tea's corporate mission. It is our unwavering commitment to consistently opt for the most environmentally conscious options for our products. Since 2019, we've proudly transitioned to biodegradable teabags, a testament to our genuine concern for the planet.

With years of industry experience, we've witnessed firsthand the profound environmental footprint left by packaging and plantations. This realization has become the cornerstone of our sustainability journey at Taverns Tea. We've dedicated resources to research and implement practices aimed at minimising our business's impact on the environment.

From Fields to Cups: Our Global Tea Journey

A question often from tea enthusiasts: 'Where does your tea come from?' Our response? From every corner of the globe!

At Taverns Tea, we prioritise collaborations with family-run tea farms and skilled artisan makers who share our passion. With a wealth of experience in sourcing teas, we have established strong bonds with passionate tea producers worldwide. This network allows us to deliver to you the finest teas, renowned for their exceptional quality and exquisite flavours.

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