Our Story

Taverns Tea was founded to create fun, exciting and heartwarming tea concoctions for tea lovers around the world. Taking quality classic flavours and adding a twist, we have created a wide variety of blends, ranging from Citrus Jasmine White Tea to Hibiscus Peppermint.
It is our philosophy that everyone has their own cup of tea; their individualities. We are here to explore it with you.
Made up of passionate and innovative team members, we are always on the lookout to create new and appealing tea flavours for you.


Sustainability efforts is one of Taverns Tea’s corporate goals. It is our priority to always choose a more sustainable route for our products. Since 2019, Taverns Tea has been opting for bio-degradable teabags for our products. Why? Because we care.

Through our time in the industry, we noticed the environment impact of packaging and plantations. With this etched deeply in our mind, at Taverns Tea, we have embarked on the journey of sustainability. We started spending more resources in researching and finding ways to lessen the impact that our business will have on the environment. 


One of the most frequently asked question - "where does your tea come from?"
Our answer? Everywhere! 
Whenever possible, we choose to work with family run tea farms and artisan tea makers, people who shares the same passion as us. We have the experience of importing teas from all over the world. Through working closely together with equally passionate tea producers around the world, we are able to procure for you quality teas with superb flavours.